MUTHA WIT'S WOMB OF UNIVERSAL WISDOM - "A United Collective Body; Where You Are Never Alone Or Lonely"

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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate
                                   Our deepest fear is that we are Powerful
                                     beyond measure.(Marianne Williamson)

"The Seven Keys Of Ascension"

My Mission ...

As a Universal Cosmic Mid-Wife... Eye will lovingly assist you with your Re-Birthing experience. Eye will help you look at death in a way that proves it is not a final solution to your physical existence, but a necessary process to your Spiritual Evolution, as you give birth again and again to Divine Ideas, Divine Experiences, as well as a Divine Integrated way of Living; from a mental, emotional, physical, and Spiritual aspect of a Divine Individual expression of Unconditional Love, that is... at the same time part of a much larger Divine Collective Reality in which you are never alone, or without Divine assistance...

My ultimate goal is to pass on to you the tools, the questions and the solutions that you will need in order to help you face and address all your fears, past traumas, and self esteem issues, while establishing hope for a much brighter future, in a way that is available and affordable to all. 

Eye encourage you to trust whatever prompted your visit. Take your time looking around, to find out what is offered, eye hope you find all the information that fits your current needs. If not, please feel free to contact me and Eye will do my best to assist you.

Namaste, Ase`, A`ho
Valerie Ames
aka: Mutha Wit Wisdom (MWW)

This photo does not belong to me, it was found on Google images. It was so peaceful that it captured my soul.
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Mutha Wit Wisdom is devoted to providing high-quality service and satisfaction.  Eye will do everything Eye can to empower you as a divine being, and help you manifest the life you envision.  Check back later for new updates to the programs and website. There's much more to come!

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